Non Lethal Weapons By Piexon

Non lethal weapons also known as less-lethal weapons, non-deadly weapons, pain-inducing  weapons, are all intended not to kill but mainly maim or severly injure a target or potentially an attacker. Non lethal Guns are used when intentions of the user are not to have possible casualties when force is applied. Non-lethal weapons in a combat situation, are used to limit the escalation of conflict where the use of lethal force is undesired or prohibited, where rules of engagement require minimum casualties, or where policy restricts the use of conventional force.

Non Lethal Guns Enhance Guardian Angel II accuracy in low light! – The new laser clip to the Guardian Angel II improves accuracy and speeds operation in low light environments. It easily attaches to a Guardian Angel II non lethal guns. It is also reusable, and can quickly be transferred between units. Available in June 2013
Non Lethal weapons

JPX Tactical Light – This light fits perfectly to the short pica-tinny rail of the JPX non lethal pepper gun. It features a super bright LED with 180 lumen’s and an additional strobe mode for target distraction.

Available in June 2013

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Legal Classification

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South Africa:
No firearm. Exempted in terms of section 5(1)(k) of the Firearm Control Act, 2000.

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